The project, which is supported by a grant from the Danish Research Council for Strategic Research, is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between research groups within molecular imaging and oncology. The partners are located at Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen and DTU.

The aim of the project is through use of molecular biology and molecular imaging with PET in both animals and patients to develop, evaluate and use non-invasive molecular imaging for human tumor characterization in order to plan individualized, tailored cancer therapy. In addition, new radionuclide therapies will be developed on basis of promising imaging ligands, such pairing is known as theranostics where imaging may predict efficiency of treatment.

During the course of our project, testing in patients is planned, and we expect patients to benefit from the methods. The methods are likely to be cost-effective and improve patient management.

The project will support a leading position for Denmark within the area of tailored therapy based on molecular imaging and take advantage of our unique opportunities for translation into patients.

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